P411 - And I’m back...

I’ve decided to rejoin P411, or Preferred 411 after a 2 year break. However, there are things you must understand and respect about me if you meet me on P411.


1) Do NOT confuse discretion for anonymity. Just because you have submitted your info for screening to P411 Administrators, paid your membership fee to them and may even have “okays” from other providers you will still absolutely have to fill in the Reservation form to request a date on this website if we have not met previously. P411 doesn’t share your screening info you submitted to them with me (nor should they), and I screen potential friends using far more methods than just “okays”. While we all know reviews can be fake, okays can also too either be subjective, or be forced for fear of a bad review. References and “okays” are just a small part of my screening process.


2) I do verify your real identity for no reason other than your safety and my own. I want to know exactly who I’m in a room with, and refuse to make time for violent/sexually based offenders, among other types I find incompatible. If you are uncomfortable with the fact that both your safety and my own, as well as our enjoyment is paramount and I choose not to see just anyone with a fist full of cash, please do not attempt to be standoffish with me over my requirements. Simply move onto another model with lower standards. Keep in mind while I don’t require to see government ID at this time to schedule (unless you do not have references), if I find a reason to request such to secure your booking, and you are a P411 member, it is a P411 policy that requires you to show it to me.


3) I have a strict NO REVIEWS policy. While I was once Ms. TER 2015, always rated #1 in my home city, consistently in the Top 50 Providers in the country, and held a 9.65/10.00 average over a three year period, I find the explicit reviews of my private relationships distasteful for both of us. However, I don’t trade reviews for “okays”. Generally, if you request an okay and there were no issues, you’ll get your okay. I just want to make it clear that I’ll still okay even though I don’t want reviews.


4) I have a strict cancel policy. It’s very clear, not up for discussion, and you are required to read and acknowledge it and that you’ll adhere to it on the reservation form when you book. Because so many gentleman have skated and refused to pay when they know they owed, I’ve had to start requiring a deposit to mitigate my losses. However, even if we’ve made each other’s acquaintance and you then end up later incurring a cancel fee with me and refuse to pay, know that I WILL go to P411 Administration and they will assist me in getting the money due, so please don’t ruin your entire reputation by getting on the national blacklist, preventing you from by being seen by other providers, and potentially losing your P411 privileges over being a jerk.