No References Required

I will no longer be accepting references in conjunction with my screening protocol. For whatever reason most ladies never bother to respond or I simply don’t receive enough information, not to mention the wait time associated with this can impede timely scheduling. I’ve also found that some ladies have gotten upset he wishes to see someone else. In an effort to streamline the process for my friends I’ve decided it’s best to eliminate that step.

For those that wish to stomp their feet over providing your private data:

1) My site is SSL. Your data is not stored anywhere either. Realistically, no one really wants to put in the effort to hack an independent companion’s offshore server anyway.

2) I’ve spent years and literally thousands of dollars on photos/videos, a website and have a long time presence on social media. I have a stellar reputation. My goal is that we repeat our meetings, which is far more lucrative for me, rather than expose you (or myself)!

3) Blackmail and/or identity theft sounds exhausting. All of those hours wasted on a computer screen and no one’s happy. My profession is far more exciting - and profitable.

I will still offer references to other companions within a 6 month timeframe of our last meeting : )