Excessive Communication

As per my FAQS page, I never speak on the phone for any reason. I do not mind sharing my phone number for texting date-related information after you've been screened. Even occasional messages after we've met are perfectly fine, and actually very sweet. I cannot always reply right away, but I absolutely will. Questions that cannot be answered on my website and compliments are also welcomed. Out of respect for your privacy and discretion I will not contact you unless replying to your query.

However, if you're not making reservations with me or sending gifts, it is extremely rude to constantly email me, text me, or DM me on Twitter. I reserve my time for my select group of gentlemen friends, and it's unfortunately simply too time consuming to keep up with otherwise. I'm sorry if that offends some people, but I can receive about 100 messages on average in a day from gentlemen that want to just generally converse without intention of meeting, and that takes away from others who are serious about meeting.