De-Listing from TER

I have decided to de-list from TER in September 2016. This means I will not advertise with them, you must contact me through my website because I don't have access to their internal messaging system, but the biggest reason I wanted to let everyone know is because I'll no longer be whitelisting gentlemen I've seen.

This shouldn't be much of a big deal for most people since I will still see gentlemen that belong to TER, I can give okays on Date-Check, and of course I still use EROS, ECCIE, RS2K and Slixa as well, but I cannot use it as part of my screening process.

In my opinion, it's a total waste of money. Any reputable lady will want more information to screen you, and their review system is far too graphically explicit, not to mention loaded with fake reviews, or inflated reviews based on bartering. Save yourself some money and save your reputation, gentlemen, by not being part of a site that does not protect the ladies that keep their business alive.