Gents, you'd think I wouldn't have to spell this out, but in light of recent events, it seems I've expected too much common sense out of some of my new friends...

My time is paid time, no matter how it's spent, and my time is ALL that you are ever paying for. I don't "provide" anything other than companionship. Any time that we spend together is considered part of our adventure, no matter what we choose to do. I'm a luxury companion, meaning I choose those I spend time with very wisely, as not everyone has the disposable income to see me, and I prefer it that way.

Do not ask for or expect off the clock time. That is one of the worst things you can do. I've never been a clock watcher, but off the clock time is solely at my discretion. If you do not enjoy a true, premier model experience, then I'm not the lady for you. The clock doesn't start after we finish dining or idle chatter slows, therefore, to ask for extra time because we had a conversation first, like human beings often do, is extremely rude. Not only will we never enjoy a repeat reservation, it will surely land you on a blacklist where other ladies can see your abhorrent, entitled behavior.

If you're hoping to walk into a room with a naked woman spread eagle, pop a fistful of Viagra and punish my insides for hours on end, please seek a blow up doll. I do not generally enjoy shorter dates, but longer dates are required to have time in public or cocktails/appetizers in private if you wish, for this very reason. I’m a human being & that’s just not the experience I offer.